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Welcome to Jedi Team Web Page

Welcome to Jedi Team Web Page

Welcome to Jedi Team.

What is Jedi Team? We are not like any other Team!

  The Jedi Team is a group of DC and PC players that like to race in a true off-road environment.   Most of the tracks made for 4x4 Evolution have a road to help you race. We search out, and make, much more challenging tracks that have no roads! Our tracks will push your trucks and your skills to the limit∑ And beyond.

Some Rules To Follow For All Jedi

  Kicking for no good reason is not the way of a Jedi Master. To keep the ops under control all Jedi Masters will not get ops. There will be only 2 ops allowed in any room. Why 2? Well if one ops falls out of the room ops will be lost in that room.

  If one fall out of room from an error then one will still have the room. Why are ops important? Well itís not for a Jedi but Ops keep those who push others too much. Banning is not allowed past 20 minute unless profanity is used in lobby. 120 minutes is too long most get the point after a kick or ban for a 10 min but if profanity continues a full 120 minutes is needed.

  Banning without a warning will revoke your ops. Kick first without warning will revoke your ops till you are nice. Kicking or banning ops will be met with a kick and loss ops for time witch can pass days, or two other ops will choose time. One who opens a room who dose have his ops revoked for that time may get to keep ops for good ops usage and ops revoked for that time will change to a warning, but if there is a next time ops will be gone for a while. If Jedi or Jedi Training gets ops there must be a good reason. J.T. not ready for ops till Jedi and if there are 3 ops there are no need to give to anyone.

 All Jedi info is for Jedi and not for any other team or those who miss use the info. Info for Jedi some other teams might get this info if cleared by J.M. Team. Need 3 J.M. to clear this person. He must fallow both rules that the teams have, and the rules must not conflict with each other or no info will pass to that member.

  All who wish to join will get tested by J.M. 5 times. Only J.M. can allow info to go to new J.T. (Jedi in Training).

  Some info is Top Secret only J.M. should have this info there is 3 type of Jedi.

 0. Tryouts (One that can Requests to join.)

 1. J.T. ( Jedi Training)

 2. Jedi (Jedi completed training)

 3. J.M. (Jedi Master) Leaders

  There is not many J.M. as this is hard to achieve this level for they hold Top Secret info they have proven and have achieved the level of a true Master.

Testing for J.T. can take a week or more.

  What dose a J.T. do in training. Get info and fallow the rules. The rules are so easy that all can do them, but profanity is not good but will not kick unless you push us deliberately. We have a limit. But, a joke is a joke we have a sense of humor to lol.

  Who dose the testing you might be asking. Well J.M. will. J.T. Jedi not allowed to, as a they do not know what he/she is testing for.

Have fun out there.

Attention: Do not ask to be tested when your a J.T. or Jedi you might be already being tested as asking defeats the purpose of Testing. If you wish to tryout you can ask.